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For Your Family

Working To Resolve Your Disputes Out Of Court

Contrary to what you may think, seeing a lawyer does not necessarily mean going to court. When you come see us at Wapnick Family Law, we can help you determine whether and how mediation can help you.

We provide mediation consultation to clients from throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Those clients come to us because they know we bring more than three decades of combined experience to bear on every California family law matter we handle.

What Our Experience Can Do For You

For years, we have helped families manage and resolve difficult situations. For that reason, we can advise you as to your options, particularly when you are attempting to determine if mediation services might be right for you.

You can rely on us to help you with a wide variety of mediation-related matters, whether we represent you at the actual mediation ourselves or if you are deciding to represent yourself at the mediation. We can help you prepare for mediation, including reviewing mediation agreements before entering into them.

We particularly excel in high-conflict custody disputes. We know the unique family dynamics often involved in those situations and can help you manage them accordingly.

Our services are rooted, first of all, in a commitment to you. We will listen to your story so we can tailor our services to your unique goals and needs.

Learn More At A Mediation Consultation

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