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Family Law Attorneys Who Are On Your Side

At Wapnick Family Law, we maintain an unwavering dedication to helping clients work through complicated family law matters, including the many issues pertaining to:

When it comes to practicing family law, experience matters, especially when Bay Area families are in high-pressure situations that will undeniably impact their emotional and financial futures. It is for this reason that securing outstanding legal representation is crucial for both you and your children.

Helping Children During A Difficult Transitional Period

We will make every possible effort to minimize the impact of the divorce on you and your children. This can take the form of recommendations for well-regarded mental health care professionals and mediators, as well as discussing various potential visitation schedules which are developmentally appropriate for your children based on their age and the historical role of each parent in the children’s lives. We encourage clients to consider mediation as an alternative to litigation as it can be a more cost-effective and emotionally beneficial possibility for some families.

We also have years of experience successfully mediating cases, and we are happy to employ this method should it be advantageous to your case. For parents, making sure they have the opportunity to continue to parent their children is often their paramount concern. Public policy in California supports that it is generally beneficial for a child to have love, support and input from both parents whenever possible. We can explain your parental rights and will firmly advocate for you throughout the process.

Support For Divorcing Spouses

Many clients may be concerned about support payments. Whether you are the payor or payee, there are rights and obligations that must be closely adhered to during the post-separation relationship. We have extensive experience representing clients who are dealing with child and spousal support issues and can provide you with realistic expectations to assist you in planning your financial future.

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