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Walnut Creek Family Law Attorney

When going through a difficult family law issue — divorce, separation or child custody — it's essential to have the help of an attorney who is experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable. With many years of experience practicing in the Bay Area, attorney Tracey C. Wapnick has assisted numerous clients by providing the necessary legal guidance during stressful situations.

For skilled family law representation, call the Law Offices of Tracey C. Wapnick at 800-491-1483 for a consultation.

Practical Family Law Support

Although more than half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, the process of ending a marriage is no mundane task. Redefining your life, coping with what for some will be the first time away from your children, dividing assets, determining the appropriate amount of support, and planning your financial future, are just some examples of the challenges facing a person considering divorce. With all these to consider, it is no wonder that clients face the prospect of a divorce with trepidation.

Although you may feel uncertain, or even overwhelmed by the process, having the proper legal support can ameliorate many of your concerns and increase your chances of a more secure future. I am a skilled lawyer who has built a thriving law firm by providing clients in the Bay Area with superb legal representation, including help by:

  • Protecting parental and property rights
  • Advocating for you in court
  • Negotiating during mediation
  • Providing candid, well-researched advice
  • Filing all paperwork in a timely, accurate fashion

This client-focused approach is derived from the fact that I always treat clients with compassion, knowing that this is likely one of the most stressful times in their lives. Furthermore, experience has taught me that it's essential to remain candid and realistic about the goals and expectations of the divorce process.

Candid Advice And Superb Guidance

It should be evident from these methods that practicing law is much more than a career, it is a means for me to help families resolve complicated issues. This is especially true in cases involving children where mediation and/or creative solutions are often what is required to assist both the children and the parents transition to their new definition of "family".

With a dizzying number of attorneys practicing family law, finding the right one for your needs might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. That's why I encourage you to give me a call to discuss your case and set up an initial consultation to get a feel for the superior level of service my firm can provide.

Take a positive step in the right direction. When faced with the prospect of divorce, or a related family law matter, call 800-491-1483 or email my firm for help today.

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